2 stars · Books · Reviews · Science Fiction · Speculative Fiction · Young Adult

Strange New World

Although it was about a topic that I think will be interesting, I found it rather underwhelming. For most part, it doesn’t really try to make it relate to me.

Although I enjoy just how and why it began. And everything behind it made a lot of sense. But I feel so disconnected from it as never tries to link it to something that I feel now. And what it means to have no rights over ourselves.

I get that clones are slaves, but I feel that the theme chosen was never explored. A lot of it was thrown around, but nothing about what it means to be it. What it means for the world and why are they even doing this.

It just never tried to make the whole topic and issue really relatable, or make a good story. As neither Dahlia or Waverly were particularly interesting nor were they really entertaining.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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