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Bright We Burn

Satisfying, every bit of the word. As all things must come to an end, I can’t deny that this was one of the best ones to end the trilogy.

Everything comes full circle. What does Lada feel about Radu, Mehmed, what ends will she go to achieve them. Regardless of what it is, I always stood by her.

I won’t reveal what happened, even though I’m incredibly surprised by the ending as much as I was saddened. But in all ways, I still loved the way it ended.

And most importantly was how each character stood by their own beliefs, regardless of what happened and what occured. Lada and her policies which gained me admiration as much as it was extreme. Radu, always looking for better ways, ways that will not expend blood, money or time. Mehmed and his conviction that his Empire will the the greatest.

And that is all the plot is no grand struggles, nothing of the short. Plenty of character study, knowing what sort of people were these very odd trio. And knowing what they might or will do based on their personalities and beliefs than their circumstances.

Lada fought to the very end, no matter the consequences. The same could be said for Mehmed and his vision, the same way that he will not be deterred. Radu is different, wishing for the best outcome at the end. Only making willing sacrifices when it was necessary.

It is the legend of Lada, and her courage, bravery and indomitable spirit. And by this point I believe that she is a Dragon. It is about Radu, and how his choices will prevent the greater loss, and how he will choose between them all. It is about Mehmed, although it is more about his creepy obsession with Lada than anything else.

If you want me to read it again, I always will, although I will also be shedding tears each time I did. The ending was gorgeous, as much all everything that came before. Heck, I’ll even read the middle parts before the epilogue even if it was written in a hurry, and nothing of importance occurred.

Rating: 5 out of 5


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