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Blood For Blood

This book grabbed me from the moment it began. Everything fell into place, and by the end I was never more surprised nor satisfied.

Exploiting the biggest weakness of Germany at that point was that all power was concentrated on just one man. Just one man was holding the power, and if he dies the whole of Germany will crumble.

I won’t say how it affects because it will be carried over but I can say that it is beautiful and incredibly satisfying.

From Yael and Luka and how their relationship goes from there. And a real reason why he had to win, it is all given good depth here and explanations makes sense rather than being just an event that doesn’t serve much purpose.

Everything comes together. And none of the characters have been compromised fully as it is. Felix will put his family above anything else, I understood that from the very beginning. And it makes sense to do that because he has done almost everything for his own family.

As for the ending, which I felt were within the realm of sense but did catch me a little by surprise. I did expect that it was the same way as well, or something along the lines. Otherwise, what was keeping the man from dying as it was.

By the end, I feel that almost all answers have be given. Questions have been resolved. And the ending was something that I saw coming, and perfect. The characters move on, even from all the sorrow. And Yael does get her chance to settle down, after the ordeal has happened to her.

All in all, enjoyable and memorable.

Rating: 5 out of 5


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