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Playing By Fire

For such a story, I was more interested in the war parts. Which I agree as well.

Lorenzo’s story was more important than Julia’s at any point. Because of how it had affected later on. I liked the dark legacy of Inciendo and who it meant.

But I didn’t like mostly everything else. It doesn’t touch upon how and why it influenced her daughter to act the way she did in the first place.

I just didn’t really get it in the first place and later on didn’t help either. The best portions was when Lorenzo had been imprisoned where I felt the true sorrow of the mam, and all his emotions.

The feeling of an impending death and his eventual motivation to finish the piece off. A man who as tragic, lost Manu things in his life and even have that taken away from him. His only legacy was hushed up for decades. That is tragedy in every sense of the word.

And that was the thing I was really caught upon in the story.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5


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