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What Makes The 7 1/2 Deaths Of Evelyn Hardcastle Stand Out?

I say this because this was one of the most surprising but also one of the most groundbreaking books I have read this year.

This isn’t just a story, it is a mystery, a puzzle beginning from the setting to even the smallest details. The main character changes a character every day, and he only has seven days.

And well, you get where the title comes from. As for the half, I’ll have you reading the story to find out.

But here are just some things which made the story feel so fresh, and explored totally new concepts. Also, a heads up, it will be a little spoilery although I try to avoid it as much as possible.

#1 The Puzzling Beginning

Yes, the beginning opens up with an amnesiac, with no memory of who he is nor a clear answer as to who he is to be precise. All of this culminated into him not only solving a mystery, but also answering questions about himself.

It seems normal, but it is so much more than that. Because his past is tied to the mystery in a different way, and it’s one that is explained by the book. Nothing is left alone, even clues which seems to solve the case. Even when things become clear or the story seemed to be closed to completion.

It really is up to the reader to slowly discern and tell how they are used, and what reason could be behind it. As there are sometimes multiple usages of it.

#2 Nothing is left untouched

Everything mentioned here has its own purpose. Utilizing the Chekhov’s gun to the fullest extent, even names which are thrown here and there. And one thing this does so well is making innocent people look guilty, and those innocents having the right motives to kill.

Puzzling characters don’t just exist for no reason, and they are explained fully. Each clue has its own place, and the big picture is often unclear, even till the end there are several surprises. Surprises which make this so memorable.

From Anna, the maid who shares an odd connection to the main character. To the character who is dying here, Evelyn Hardcastle. None of these characters are just victims, criminals, or simply are witnesses. Each has their own ties, their own story to tell, and even the most insignificant characters, play a crucial role in unravelling the truth.

#3 Complex Plot

The plot doesn’t have a few subplots, it is many threads of it woven into the story. Catalysts are much more than that, and with each truth that comes out even more can be questioned. There are just many ways to see it, and also considering who is providing the information and how truthful they are.

The reveals are done during the right moments, and the right time frames. None of them will have worked so well if the pacing wasn’t right. Due to how wide the scope was, and how puzzling it is. The timing of when things came out had to be perfect to have a good balance.

Other than the really intriguing things about the world, these were what made it stand out so much for me. There is a lot more which I appreciate, which was a reason why I liked the book so much. It is in every word to me, a masterpiece.


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