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From Unseen Fire

This was something which really caught my attention. It took time, but all the characters were fleshed out with it. And focusing on a central cast.

Something that I felt was extraneous by this point had been the Iberian side. Which was anything except interesting. But when it came to Aven, on Latona and Septimius, they were the most entertaining and well developed characters so far.

If anything, the world is fascinating. Not only taking inspiration but basing it in the seventh century, in a time that was incredibly different. And yet could connect it so well.

When it came to Latona eventually coming to terms with her own power. It was anything but something that just came to her. It was about her own past and future, and eventually moving forward from her own experiences.

It was not whiny. Even when she was given a choice, it was decisive, the first thing that came to her mind was to save regardless of the cost. And I feel that this choice was not only the best but the most brave.

The plot is slow but the ending was satisfying. Both sides are nuanced and reserved, and their relationship never felt anything except natural. Which was good considering what little I know about Rome in the first place.

Overall a great satisfying read, the magic made sense, but characters took the stage and stood out. Which I appreciate for a book like this.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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