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What makes Kuroshitsuji enticing?

Although many say that it is a series which has lost its focus with recent arcs, which I won’t rebuke because it is the truth. The story didn’t develop nearly as much after the Campaigna, especially in the blue sect arc.

But I’m here to talk about just what made Black Butler so incredibly addictive, and why I still like it at the end of the day.

#1 The Potential

Anyone who has seen the art will say that Yana is an amazing artist, and she is only getting better with time. But most importantly, is how her narrative has the potential to go really really deep.

And it has, such as the Circus Arc when it touched the themes of the central story, Ciel’s trauma. And Campaigna when it came to character reveal, and the development of Sebastian and Ciel’s relationship.

I consider this to be the story’s peak arcs, because of how memorable it is. Who can say that it isn’t, with what went down in both of them.

And even now, the potential is still there. As the story has went through one of the most hinted at plot twists, which adds some very good dynamics and possibilities. And most importantly, is that it will reveal some important answers.

#2 Characters

There are countless theories on a character who hasn’t even made her real appearance yet, except for two panels showing her back.

And the fact that the characters can be interpreted in so many ways as it is. Whether Sebastian truly cares for Ciel, Undertaker’s motives. If there is anything Yana is good at, it is character writing. Her characters have always been really good at showing their intentions. And as her art progressed, this improved to become even more expressive. And far better at giving clues.

Not to mention, when she writes a reveal it feels that it is possible. Even when you look back at everything, it makes sense.

#3 Complexity

With the given above, this will be a topic on its own. There was many ambiguous things which doesn’t take away the appeal of Kuroshitsuji. Some just love to speculate the possibilities rather than following a strict storyline, and for a story as morally ambiguous as this, it gives it a lot more.

Because character motivations is a lot more than just plot driver, it adds on a layer to their characterization. Certain traits they have, and things they will allude to later on. And why they will shift gears.

Early clues were vague, but always suggested more beneath the layers. I know many will not continue because of the issues with the story, and some will disagree with how it is potrayed and the weakness of the pacing at times.

But a main drawing point of the series has been the fact it offered something few others could. Theorizing based on small clues, instead of confirmations. Most characters were written to be layered and specific, but even those with far simpler personalities also have a lot of layers behind it. And when you know me, I enjoy stories with much deeper meaning behind it.

And this is why I love Kuroshitsuji despite all its faults at times. Although the quality isn’t well rounded, it has managed to make me think so much, and throw my weight behind theories after theories and spend time looking for them.


2 thoughts on “What makes Kuroshitsuji enticing?

  1. The story is interesting, but I agree with most people that it has lost its focus. For me, there were just too many arcs, characters, and stuff to keep up with. I don’t mind reading or watching a long anime story, but an ending and purpose have to be in sight.

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    1. I do agree as to that, it has lost its focus over a long long time. Although I’m still reading it because it’s still has a lot for me(mostly to see Francis take the state and tell her nephew that she knee the entire time)
      And I agree, pacing is something that the author struggles with, as the current arc took ages to get to an important reveal and it’s just moved past the flashback arc which took almost six months to conclude. That’s a very very long time to finish flashbacks which hampered the pacing quite a bit.

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