September: Month of Everything

Since I’m on holiday, I’m mostly going to be doing everything. Although I finished a lot of books during late August, and it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. With returning to borrowing library ebooks, which has helped me to reading a lot more than usual.

And I’m finishing up the beta reading requests I have gotten so far, before I take new requests. But other than that, this is a month where I’m largely free as well as working a part time job. And deciding to code an idea for a project of mine, not particularly easy but I did figure out a lot of the details so far.

But here’s to everyone and hope you have a good month of September ahead.


3 thoughts on “September: Month of Everything

  1. Good luck with your project. And happy reading! September looks to be more of the same for me. “Real work” — yuk~ But hopefully I can get started with the actual writing on my next novel/season.

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    1. Thanks and hope you do too. Writing has been a really good thing for me lately, with many many strides in the story and plot. As well as a good time to be reading a lot of books, as I have breezed through a lot of good books in the past month.

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