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Midnight At The Bright Ideas Book Store

This was not a really gripping mystery. The victim was not really developed, and neither was Lydia. And whatever happened at the end merely got me to raise eyebrows.

I do like strange works, but that doesn’t seem to mean anything or even make much sense. Joey as it is seems died for something, but the story never treads into what it exactly is.

Although the cryptic clues through books was brilliant, and told words and eventually a narrative. But I feel that it is too superficial, and with Joey seemingly so cut off it doesn’t help things. They should have done more to look into his records, at least to know how and why he died.

This book merely had them look through books he cut up, and then come to a conclusion that didn’t even convince me. The ending was even more convoluted that it just didn’t make sense.

And on hindsight, I don’t even know why Lydia was even that invested. It didn’t make any sense and even later on there wasn’t anything to suggest any reason to. And none of the characters seemed to have anything to do with each other certainly did not help.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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