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How Important Is Execution?

In recent months, reading changed from how interesting and fresh the characters and story is to how brilliant the execution is.

And I wonder what made the switch to this. Other than the truth that nothing is new under the sun. It’s all about how you do it that is.

And that brings me to my point.

#1 Execution makes you stand out

What makes all the fantasy books so memorable, what makes some better than the others. It was the way that they were executed, was it generic or fresh and brilliant. Did it know what it was doing or just using the format with almost no idea where it was going.

This is what makes it so important. As it is one of the few ways which sets you out from other writers, and blending in.

#2 It gives a lot more weight

Execution is important, because it can make something as simple as a cheating reveal feel so emotionally heartbreaking. A death so wrenching that you’re crying.

It isn’t in the idea, it’s all in how it’s conveyed. It makes normal things look fresh and compelling, hold enough weight to make us feel things.

#3 It makes a story more meaningful

If something was built upon, hinted at, teased and then revealed through a good execution. It will make you feel something. It will make things exciting because it has meaning, it wasn’t just another twist, it was a payoff to something.

It gives meaning because it doesn’t feel like something the author thought of and used when he was writing it. It feels as though effort had been spent into it, making it feel and seem polished and a lot more satisfying.

Hence this are the reasons why I think execution is everything. A premise can be boring or intriguing, but the execution is what makes or breaks the story.

What do you think of execution and its importance. Leave your comments below.


4 thoughts on “How Important Is Execution?

    1. I didn’t expect it to be seen that way but head hopping is fine by me if it is done well. If it isn’t, well it will still fall under this. And no matter how good is the author’s vision, if reality is different I will still judge it as it is.

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