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The Young Elites: On Hindsight

This is me after spending two years reading plenty of other books aside from The Young Elites, and well I do think that I have managed to think about it on a more serious note.

My feelings about the series has mellowed out, it isn’t a masterpiece, but pretty good by all means. I did enjoy it when it came, but now that I’m not really that blind to what was wrong with it, I’ll talk about it again.

And here are some of the flaws of the series that I found over time.

#1 The Worldbuilding

Other than the great myths the author provided, I still don’t know much about the world. It is well described, but it doesn’t come alive in the real sense. It isn’t perfect, I understand that.

And there was a lot of ways it could have gone to make the world feel more alive. Although being a trilogy, there wasn’t a lot that could have been done to focus on it. Neither was there anything really unique about it. The malfettos were X-men in their worlds.

#2 There was a lot less of political mind games

If you have a character who becomes Queen, you should by all means decide to have her play games. Have the court be more than just a simple royal family struggling for power.

If it was Renaissance Italy, there should be plenty of noble families fighting for the power, and wanting it. And Adelina will have to be far more brutal, and a lot more able to maintain the throne. Since she never came from a powerful family, and was cursed at the same time.

A good comparison will actually be Napoleon, although she lacks the real ability he does. But they were both in similar situations, albeit the latter was far better when contrasting them together. Adelina was simply a rogue, the white wolf with no real credibility when compared to having the support of many families.

I feel that as a world, there wasn’t enough things that will have made sense. And what did, it could have been done so much better.

#3 Not all characters were distinct or memorable

I probably will not remember the story apart from a handful of the names. Maeve, Rafael, Enzo, Magiano that was about it. Adelina an Violetta were the shining star, and at times they lacked that.

I feel that relationships here were rarely complex enough to have been ethced in mind after I have seen and read far deeper levels of story.

Some of them were simply lost on me towards the end. I’ll probably have issues recounting who Gemma is, Sergio was around the same as well.

Although the central cast later on became a lot wider, and did do plenty of them justice. But I feel that it wasn’t strong enough, neither was it extremely outstanding either.

Overall, when I think back on this series it isn’t perfect. But it will not be a series which I will forget either, it was what drew me to darker things. And opened up a much different set of books to me. Otherwise I’ll still kept to things like Red Queen, Shadowhunters, and plenty of other epic fantasy stories.


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