1 star · Anthology · Books · Young Adult

A Thousand Endings And Beginnings

Wholly uninspiring. Although I wanted to be dragged into a tale of myths, and tales of my history.

Albeit it isn’t what I thought focusing mostly on Indian, Chinese, Korean. But fewer on the South East Asian, which by all means will have been fascinating.

Or even Thailand, Vietnam and a lot of the countries which are in Asia as well. I do know that it is limited and a lot of stories seemed to be rather limited.

And at the same time, it was greatly boring. I was incredibly bored by the stories, none of them were anything I really liked either. The tales were using common myths, but I don’t feel that there was any real story behind them. Nothing really deep was written here.

Most of them were for most part incredibly boring. And failed to really make me like the story to say the least.

Overall, there were no new takes on the myths, characters were indistinguishable and largely boring.


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