1 star · 2 stars · Books · Science Fiction · Young Adult

Blood Of A Thousand Skies

Well, after reading State of Sorrow which showed me how intrigue is done right. This just felt underwhelming. Not to mention that last month I had good book after good book.

Sadly this didn’t cut it at all. It wasn’t good, in the sense that I wanted to be. Nero has lost his edge and the complete lack of depth behind him is just completely boring me.

And as for the most of the characters. Even when one was volunteering himself to die, I felt nothing. The same can be said for most of the book. And Kara, Josselyn or whatever her name was didn’t seem all too bright either.

Neither was Rhee, who was not busy meeting with councilors. Forming her own alliances, looking out for anything that might stop her or anything that can stop Nero.

I don’t even know what she was doing for most of the time even when Nero had made it clear that he won’t stop. Which just make this even more of a disappointment as it is.

Overall, for a story with an Empress there is not any sense of scheming, even when said planet annihilated planets on their own. I do expect some rebellion, no matter how light and how good are the circumstances. Same for the rumors with Rhee’s elder sister. There should be some opposition and someone threatening her than the nefarious conspirator who killed her family.

For a person who knows that no matter where you are zero opposition is almost impossible. Especially if Rhee is barely even an adult.


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