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For a story that talks about kingdoms, there is surprisingly little of it. And again, the main issue here is the characters having no distinction at all.

Rielle was still okay, I understood her motivations and why she wanted what she did. But little else was expanded, her back story was empty and for a young woman that is worrying, I assure you.

As for Eliana, nothing about her stood out or even made sense. I didn’t know what she really wanted or even liked at all.

The world felt empty, I didn’t feel that it was an immersive world that came alive. It was just a lot of details being said but nothing really stuck or felt important. Since the plot seemed nonexistent, and the characters slightly better than cardboard cutouts.

Which isn’t promising for a fantasy world, I assure you. Much less of the magic, other than the endless phrases of a saint that saved them or some goddess.

Overall, disappointing.

Rating: 1 out of 5


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