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Song Of Isabel

Mostly I’m just not sucked into the world. And that the story didn’t seem to have any idea what it intends to be. For a historical romance, there isn’t a lot of scenes building who she is married to.

For court intrigue, there isn’t any good maneuvers. Mostly because of how limited the time period is, and few records exist making a lot of them speculation and guesswork. There isn’t enough to base upon unlike works set on the Medieval or the Renaissance where it was plentiful. Depending on who it was and when it was.

Isabel is not relevant to the story. It focuses a lot upon the story of Judith and the court later on. Which makes her utterly useless in regard since she doesn’t serve any purpose, this could have been about Judith and the possible affairs she could have. Or just as a queen painted as evilly by her contemporaries.

Isabel isn’t really anyone here, married to a knight with rumors of being with the Queen. But little else if anyone was to really question. In this time period, I will have rather read about Charlemagne’s daughters, whom he allowed a free rein when it came to picking their lovers as long as they were not married.

Overall, just not really interesting per say. There wasn’t any reason that this was the story of Isabel since she seems to be not of any importance. And well, the time period was the weakness it was.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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