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In all ways, this is a slow piece of work. With Circe as the centre of it all, the one who is not only flawed, but also condemned.

It is a slow piece of work. Taking time to build Circe, and time passes very very fast. For a girl that has been outcasted, she wears it as a crown, taking pride in it.

It is not her strengths who made her who she is, but her weaknesses. And her actions during that time has been mainly on her mistakes, and when she gave in. But all, she is still someone filled with sympathy, kindness and willingness to open her own shores.

It does not neglect or change anything to make it more exciting. Using the parameters that was her story, it made for a very deep and reflective piece. Filled with characters who come to life, from her sister to Telemachus.

Even as she grows she is still someone who gives into temptation, who had her emotions. Even if the very thing is what made her likeable in the first place. It is what made her different from her siblings, who have the powers of gods and yet have less restrained than she does.

That even when many say that she is in desperate circumstances, it is the very same that makes it easier for her to live. It is what makes her stand out.

This isn’t a tale about epic Greek gods or goddesses, it is about finding the bright side in a gloomy situation, it is about finding a way to live with what we have done without excusing our actions.

Rating: 5 out of 5


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