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Ink, Iron And Glass

I was pretty much disappointed in how the story was handled. The story is set in an interesting setting the Italian states before any house had unified it into one.

The magic was largely very very vague about what it was. Throughout the entire story I had no idea what the world was like at all. Or what was existing. What was scriptology and their place in the world. How had Italy changed from this minor detail. It wasn’t really elaborated at all.

And with the idea of nationalism of the country of Italy, which as been separated for a long long time. This doesn’t go any further about it at all. About the idea and the reasons behind it, the political maneuvering and whatever that was supposed to occur.

Overall this was a book that didn’t focus on the right things. It just didn’t give the depth to make me invested in where this will lead.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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