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The Sin Eater’s Daughter

Talking about this trilogy, by a debut author who is on her second series by this point. It became a favourite and a high point since it has been one of the most surprising works so far.

Alchemists here have their own costs to bear if they want to play, myths play a strong point here. And the people here are religious and superstitious, hence why Twylla became betrothed because she was Daunen Embodied.

Here are the reasons why I enjoyed the way it did, and why it worked for me as compared to others.

#1 The world building

It took an old concept with a fresh take, it took many things as inspiration to make into something unique. The kingdoms here, one often having brother and sister marry, which will have kept the bloodline close.

The other just a kingdom on the end, that is barely existing. But most of all it was raised upon the tales, the worldbuilding made sense.

Twylla and what made her the living embodiment of a goddess and thus a suitable replacement to married. And also, a rallying point which will keep the peace.

The Sleeping Prince and what made him who he was, what defined him as a person.

#2 It focused on the right things

At least for me in this regard until the last third of the third book. The plot points were executed in a way that only made it even more enjoyable.

Everything was revealed, mysteries were thrown and then brought back. Myths had their own hidden meaning as well, and all played for the ending as much as it could.

#3 Characters

I believe this is the most important of all. Seeing as how this was what made the story so incredibly different. The plot points in general are not that exciting but rather the characters.

Lief, Erin, Twylla, all had their own motivations as much as their wishes. Although Lief’s ending and motivations were never delved deeply enough, but I was convicted for both Erin and Twylla, especially Erin who had made me fall in absolute love with the second book.

Not to mention The Sleeping Prince who deserves to mentioned here because of how unique he is. He does things because he wants to and was denied the right to do so when he was still alive.

And when he awoke, there was no one there as well. Not a single person who knew him personally, not anyone who truly understood what he felt.

Which made all his actions unpredictable, inexcusable but still held some sympathy for the young prince who had everything robbed from him.

This were all the reasons why I enjoyed this trilogy. Her second is quite different, but is an improvement from her first personally. But carries a bit of the court intrigue that we have seen here over, in exchange for political battles and struggles.

This is why I enjoyed and recommend it.


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