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Storytelling VS Writing

I have a belief that these two are separate in the first place. Storytelling is all about the elements of the story, writing is how you use the medium to express it. Some people are a swordsmith others are masters at telling the story.

And a writer, sometimes they are stronger in one than the other. Which I admit I am, I lean much more to a storyteller than a writer. No matter the medium I use to tell it. I use simple words, and tend to see whether it conveys the meaning I want it to convey. Whether it is giving the impression I want the reader to have.

I focus on the story, the elements, the plot, the development of characters. Although I also learn to write better, mostly in the form of grammar. Because am weak in that section because I am bilingual, and I speak more of my mother tongue than English.

And when I experiment in many various mediums, and I don’t write novels because it doesn’t work for the story I want to tell. Which tells me that I lean more to the storytelling as well.

And that I will never labour over every word, how the effect will be. I focus more on how it means, whether it will probe detrimental to the story or not, or is it revealing too much.

What about you? Which side are you on?


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