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The Vatican Princess

This was one of the most difficult emotional journeys I have read. For a girl like Lucrezia to know that those closest to her are the very ones she could not trust. That they used her to their own gain, and left her to reap the consequences. That they thought her an object, a pawn that must be reduced to obedience. But if she had, then this legend will have never been born.

And to be used again and again, by her own brother when it suited them and cast aside when it was suitable. Lucrezia had seen all and borne all, even before she was twenty. And her later life which was peaceful and finally gained her the freedom to leave her family.

I enjoyed how it blended so many details. It treaded lines so thin, but making it clear that Lucrezia had no part in it as well as one who did her best with her options. Her entire family is made of vipers, enemies who use her when they see it fit and because she is a woman she can always be offered a hand in marriage a second and third time.

But still, the ending promises hope for Lucrezia and her final ending. As a woman who managed to escape her family’s shadow and live her life out in peace. Even if she was far from faithful with her husband, but she managed to gain the peace that none of her other family ever will.

Like many others of this author, this is a story of a woman having to seek her way in a man’s world. To fight for something that when others found out, it will be considered sinful. She will have been condemned, at so very fronts. But despite all, it was her own wisdom that saved her. Her ability to convince the right person at the right time.

It is a story of survival, as every woman had to do so without ever being knowb as such. A woman’s only choice in this time was to obey wherever order her family gave her.

And the various characters, from Sancia who had been rather open with her own desires. To her mother, who say have detested her and yet chose to give her the one piece of advice that will have done her good. If she had heeded it.

Finally, this is an account of her. A story that is told and ends before her final choice and chapter. But it is one which spells of the constant machinations, the emotions of Lucrezia and what she thinks. She has always been a person, which everything the author written has always been so. This latest installment brings her to life, and in a way that I just can’t put it down.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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