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Tess Of The Road

I was just disappointed in it, given how it was by an author that was critically acclaimed.

The story was just incredibly slow, though it did have its moments but took a long time just to get anywhere. And afterwards it just didn’t seem to know how to handle the story. So that it will do Tess justice.

But the story has good moments between her and Seraphina, and even the nun that she meets later isn’t just one whom says that it was the best place for her. And wherever she went, she should make the choice herself. And really, her parents were quite bad at their jobs.

And the story at the beginning dragged, such as when she had that flashback. It was one of the most useless flashbacks, and for Tess and her past it just took too long. And when she set out on her adventure, the companion she picks was not the best.

It just didn’t get anything else right. And that was why I just couldn’t continue, it did have its moments and wanted to tell something good. But it just didn’t really get down to it.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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