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The Inquisitor’s Wife

I’m just mostly disappointed with the book. Despite being set in Spain, during a time were anyone and everyone could be a suspect of religious heresy and charged.

But it just didn’t understand what it was trying to do at all, when it has a lot of words spending it with a girl whose father converted from Judaism.

I just didn’t feel the tense atmosphere, the fact that anything could be turned against her as much as it was not. And the whole time, I felt nothing for her. She doesn’t have anything that really makes her stand out as a character. Which will have been important for such a book.

But it does not. I do however think that it generally did do the setting justice. Although I’m raising my eyebrow at how Ferdinand of Aragon is apparently not Christian. He did seem so in many cases, even if he was a jerk to his daughters.

And the main argument he had in France was because of Naples and how they tried to lay claim to the place many many times. And hence, needing Spain to defend it and thus why they always face opposition. This is a rivalry that will move on even for centuries beyond them.

But overall, this was not a story at all. Marisol is mostly useless in her own story, doesn’t really have a personality nor a goal. Thus it just makes me wonder what was the point of the book at all.

Rating: 1 out of 5


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