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The Swan Riders

Mostly I’m just unable to really grasp the story as a whole. It just goes by way too slowly, even as the writing is excellent. The whole idea of AI is well explained and understood.

But I just felt that nothing was happening. Nothing was really important and everything just went from one page to the other with no idea what it’s really doing. No idea what kind of impact that it really wanted to make.

Most importantly, the characters were just too flat. Greta has no voice, it could be written in third person and nothing will have changed. The characters are just floating around with no idea what they are doing or thinking. Hence making for a difficult story.

Also, was it about AI killing themselves or about war? The ending was even more confusing to me than before. Choosing to take upon another name when she is essentially the same person as she was before.

The Swan Riders were anything but interesting. I can’t even name a trait about anyone of them except their names.

Overall, this is just so much of a disappointment than the previous book. The plot is nowhere, and at times immensely disappointing. The characters are just names of people I don’t know.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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