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Sky In The Deep

If you’re looking for a good Viking story, this isn’t it. Not even close.

The world is as thin as the piece of paper, the main character is incredibly plain. And most importantly, nothing of importance happens at all. It is just constant mentions of Iri who either betrayed them or not, her constant loyalty to her clan. And last but not least a bunch of characters whom I can’t tell the difference from.

The plot was nowhere, it felt as though the author had no idea where she wanted to take the story at all. There was no vision and no clue as to where it wanted to go to say the least.

As for the voice, it was just boring. There was no life to it, and no personality at all. Which is why I even have problems recalling who is the main character’s name.

Honestly, if you do want a good Viking story read Vinland Saga, the manga. It will be much easier and a lot more of an emotional journey than this ever was in one chapter.

Rating: 1 out of 5


7 thoughts on “Sky In The Deep

  1. I have just seen a review so different about this book haha I just known I will not read the book because I am super cover oriented and this cover just don’t call me… and I you have supposed that decision it is like all my rejection from the cover was reinforced by Yair point of view haha

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    1. Thanks, I really wanted a good Viking book given that it has never went wrong. And this just made me feel as though the author should have set it in some fantasy world and never brought Vikings into it.

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