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The Coldest Girl In Coldtown

I was really disappointed. For a story that had such a good premise and idea it didn’t know where it wanted to go and take the story.

The idea of coldtowns as well as vampires were melded in a way that I was genuinely fascinated by them. And how they worked. And how they will affect the story as a whole.

However, what I did not enjoy had been the story plot. The plot for most had did not have good progression. The coldtowns never felt dangerous even if they were being shaped to be.

As for Tana, she was initially interesting and her back story with her parents were fascinating. It didn’t really try to develop her character in a way that seemed to be a complete whole person. The same way that I felt that she was simply doing whatever that came her way throughout the book.

None of the other characters really caught my attention.

Overall I was really disappointed in how the story went. Or at least headed to. It didn’t really try to make things happen any faster, and neither did I feel that the characters were intriguing enough for me to continue reading.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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