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The Map Of Salt And Stars

This is a work which I enjoyed as much as I was baffled by how certain things went. At the same time I liked the atmosphere and the setting.

But the story is split into two, one about Rawiya and her travels. The things that made her life, when she made her way to Sicily to serve her master. The fact that she was willing to risk a lot of it to see the world.

She did catch my attention through her journey, no matter how easy or hard it was. Something which I admired about her.

Another thing is that I enjoyed is the story and how it is written. The writing was lyrical, but manages to make much sense despite it all. Able to get the feeling when we are separated from the time by a millennium.

However one of the biggest issues I did have was with the other perspective. It was often confusing, and didn’t really tell nearly as good a story as the one of Rawiya.

I was mostly confused as to the point of the narrator talking, as it didn’t seem to do all that much.

Overall I enjoyed one part as much as I was bewildered by the other. But this is a story which I think is up to you to decide.

Rating: 3 out of 5.


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