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The Queen’s Rising

Disappointing, I was intending for a story about a woman who was going to rise to be Queen. Which I got nothing of.

It begins with a girl who is admitted because of her blood instead of skill. And when she is a teenager, she is hopeless. That makes for the best of stories, am I right?

And it begins with her talking about her life for most of the pages I read. And when something does happen, it seems to be random rather than a careful and inevitable set of events. It feels as though they were just put together to make up the pages.

As for the main character, what is her point again? She is hopeless, but also charmless and lack any realism grounded in her character. Which only makes things even worse since she is an absolute failure without anything that she is good in.

That doesn’t make me feel like her, that makes me wonder why is she the main character. Especially when her personality also seems focused on emphasizing her lack of talent.

The plot, it was random. One moment she was in school the next she was involved in a Conspiracy with Maevan about a stone tablet which the Queens used to legitimize their rule and the Kings will do everything to stop and the next moment I was reading a story about Amardine Jourdain. Seriously, where’s the link.

Overall, I’m just really baffled by the story as much as exasperated with the main character.

Rating: 1 out of 5


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