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Anna Dressed In Blood

It wasn’t exactly what I expected, but for once it is pretty good in how it delivers something different and not make me feel disappointed to say the least.

It is about Cas who is a ghost hunter looking for Anna, who died in a good dress as much as it became her defining identity. If isn’t about hunting her, not really. And it does give her some nice personality as much as I hoped she was a little more malevolent at the end of the day.

But Anna is merely a girl who went through a horrific ordeal only to be trapped in a house for the rest of eternity. That will drive anyone mad as it is and I can see why it didn’t do her sanity any favours either.

And this isn’t so much on stopping her, as it is more about Cas. Although their relationship was nice I feel that being romantic was a little way too fast.

However the story was satisfying and did deliver some pretty interesting twists which I did not see coming. Not at all. As well as exploring some of the more interesting concepts I have seen when it comes to ghosthunting.

As for Cas’ mother, it is incredibly nice to know a mother who is either missing or dead. She doesn’t like her son doing it but she realised that helping him is a lot better than if she was merely disapproving but not doing much. And the fact that they also happen to have a nice healthy relationship, where she mothers him but never feels overbearing.

As for both his friends, which are nice additions to this. Adding some good comic relief to the story as well as much story importance. And that both happen to not be that afraid of ghosts is also incredibly nice.

Overall, not what I thought it will be but not bad by all means.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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