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Spinning Silver

This was a wholly much better work. But I feel that it just lost the steam as it got to the end.

The beginning opens with a girl who collects money because her father won’t. And that is how she will survive. She also happens to be a Jew and I incredibly like the contrast in how she breaks the stereotype of a moneylender.

It is far better than Uprooted, crashing sympathetic characters. And it is what ruined it. There were too many perspectives which I didn’t care a thing about. I was confused because they were not kept to singular chapters although they are different enough that I know it is someone else. But I will have liked more distinction and less head hopping. And third person will have done a lot better in this kind of perspective. Because I know at least it is someone else and not have to figure out whose perspective I’m reading.

But the plot developed well and slow, until the middle hit and all of a sudden the story didn’t seem to really know what direction to take. The strongest entry has always been Miryem, she is the character whom I grew to admire and love for her strength. Wanda also had my attention for most part. But it was when Irina came in that it began to really lose the interest.

Especially when Miryem goes to the Staryk. Which replaces her using her wit for a rather tedious side of the story. Which is her adjusting to her life as much as it wasn’t.

Overall this was a story that started well but did not know how to end it. Or how to carry on once the middle came in. And that it really should have been written in third person.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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