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Bohemian Gospel

This was something that I liked incredibly much. Even as the last chapters had me mostly wondering what happened and whether there was time skip.

But the story opens in a way that is unforgettable and even later never loses sight of who Mouse is as a character. And for all that she is, she is a character whom I understood why she did things. And why she never seemed to understood the inner workings of the court.

And even why she was barred from the church and yet she never chose to do anything.

The plot is simple yet I always felt for her, and the stakes that were at hand. As a lady, there is limits to what she could do. And yet she always seeked her own will no matter the personal cost it will leave upon her.

The pacing was perfect, never leaving anything that could be used against it behind. Who was Mouse’s father, we get answers later on. Ottokar and her relationship, which went in a direction which I expected as much as it was different. Mouse loves him but never loses sight of who she is and when someone else precious to her is threatened she will also do the same.

And even later on, the more mysterious side of the story opens up explaining just who was her father. As well as just what kind of power she has.

This is a story that simply caught my attention and refused to let me go at any point. And if you like historical fiction with a tinge of the supernatural, then this is the one.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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