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I really liked the story of Marlene. Once again, this was a story of a real woman. A woman who lived her life the way she wanted it to be lived. As herself and no one else.

In a way that made me feel for her as well. That her road was not easy, paved with plenty of setbacks, failures and eventually sacrifices that she chose and made.

Her daughter, her family and also her friend. The same could be said for her life. The feeling of her identity with Germany and how conflicted she felt when she saw how it changed. To eventually going around stopping it, even under the threat of her own life.

This was the tale of a woman, one who will live her life in much controversy for her own behaviour and yet she is a hero.

As for her and her sister, it was clear as to how it went. Because Liesel was always the one who did everything right. She will never disobey her mother like Marlene had. But it will eventually hurt her in her own way. One which will sever their ties. But the contrast between them and their life was nice, as much as her finding some common ground with her mother by the end of the war and moving forward with it.

For a story set in the last century, but by the same author who brought to life Europe’s great Queens in such a way that I rated all of them highly. He doesn’t ever disappoint even when he is in a different setting.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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