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Mademoiselle Chanel

If anything, this was the story which was different. Although it was not to the exact idea I had for a long time.

Chanel was a woman whom captured my interest. A woman who never married and worked her way to her own fortune. It was one of the most inspiring works, but I feel as though that the end was the weakest point.

When it could have been the more difficult moments of her life. Choose to help her country or save her business. Her nephew being imprisoned, what should she have done. It felt like it was told to me rather than really showed. The best parts of her life were her rise and eventual movement to keep it.

But her weakest was during the German occupation of France, which will have been fascinating to really explore what Chanel thought. Never having been really patriotic, and yet she was one of the most important icons. But it didn’t go as deep as well as I wanted to.

Hence, this was a story that still grabbed my attention but not nearly as much as his other works did.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


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