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Endless Water, Starless Sky

Well if I did hope for any explanations, this didn’t serve it. Although the story does end on a sad note, seeing as there are costs to bringing back Romeo.

But I feel that the main thing here was the whole idea of how Romeo and Juliet were retold with necromancers. Which will have done well with great explanations just how it happened and how the world works.

But in general, it didn’t give any answers as to how the world even worked. Except for a couple of clans, some scribes, the Juliet. Making it wholly clunky and confusing.

Add in two characters that I feel nothing much for in the previous book and here they are a lot worse. The story had no agency as to where it wanted to head. It was just mostly keeping with the legend but without solid character writing unlike Cruel Beauty or even Crimson Bound.

Both of her previous works had strong characters who were unlike others. And here, I can’t even tell who is who. There is no distinction no careful blending to make this retelling still feel like a story.

And there is why I simply skimmed the book even if the cover is gorgeous and I happen to like her previous works.

Rating: 1 out of 5


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