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Girls Burn Brighter

This is a story about two girls. Both who had ended up in horrible circumstances finding each other again.

One of the things that I enjoyed was how it showed the harsh realities and gave the time for the two characters to really grow or find the resolve to leave.

The story is set in India, a country well known for the ways it treats women. The way that family alliances are how marriages are done, often with no regard to the bride as a person. She is seen as a breeding machine, a piece of furniture, a commodity. Especially if she came from a poor family.

It is bad for Poornima but far worse for Savitha. Who happens to be even poorer than she was, and was eventually abducted and made to be a prostitute.

However I feel that the story didn’t address the trauma they will have suffered well enough. It was described as being soul crushing, with no one lifting a finger.

However I feel that their journey has not helped them heal in the least, it reunited them but never talks about the deep ordeal and the scars they will bear through them.

It was a story that talks about feminism and the brutalities of being a woman in India. What it doesn’t do is to give the message that these things really impact them, and it is often for life. It doesn’t talk about why this happen or really let them give closure to their pasts and move on.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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