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The Lunar Chronicles: On Hindsight

I’m here with another series which I also rated highly before, but this time it’s in the same vein as the Young Elites. The story highlights good things, although it is rather superficial at least when compared to other YA.

I liked it because of how Levana as a villain was. Although after a while, her portrayal was not perfect and the novella had done far more when it came to exploring her character. The vulnerabilities she has, and the things she went through to be who she was.

Characters were nice, and relationships were setup well. But there was always something missing when it came to the series which was why it never stuck with me as great piece of work. And I think the issue laid with its characters.

The characters were well developed but nothing really special. And it still carried over to her other series other than Heartless, even then it was still not as addictive as other works.

And for me, character is just about everything. If you ask me anything about the four main characters all I can reply is is nice. They are all good, and that’s really all that I remember.

Which is an issue because that doesn’t tell me what sort of people they are just they are not villains. Not the most distinctive feature. If you asked me about Lada from And I Darken, I could tell you that she was brutal, stubborn, and single-minded. Here, I can’t really distinguish between them.

Even for Xifeng, I could name that she was vain, ambitious and ruthless. She chose to make use of everything she had no matter the cost.

And I think that was why this didn’t manage to be one of my utmost favorites. It’s a series which did well, but never managed to really impact me deeply.

However, the series was good at what it meant to be. A fairy tale retelling from four popular fairy tales in a sci-fi setting. Making relatable likeable characters with a good plot. The world is far from immersive, and the politics here is often simplistic. It doesn’t really expand on how a country is ran. I’m fine with it.

And precisely why the story works in the first place. It never promised to be more than what it did, albeit for me I am sorry disappointed with the lack of depth and the direction it could have taken after leaving it alone for a while. And why I’ll likely never buy the series, it was something that was nice to read. But it never was memorable or anything groundbreaking for me.


2 thoughts on “The Lunar Chronicles: On Hindsight

  1. While I did enjoy these books, in hindsight, I agree with you. The cast of characters was interesting, but it’s like you said, they were all just “good” people. I do wish Cinder had more hobbies, and I didn’t care for Kai too much. I honestly felt like he did nothing most of the time.

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    1. Yeah I read it with the same feelings. That when I read the end it was satisfying but did I remember anything, nope. Even when I picked up her spinoff series I didn’t find anything that really kept my attention. And yes, I actually agreed on Kai. The other boys in the series were so much more interesting than Kai.


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