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The Romanov Empress

This was a story of a woman who tried her best to save the monarchy of Russia. Even if it will not be successful.

If anything, she was a brave woman. Beginning from the time she was a princess, and slowly to becoming a Russian Dowager Empress. The change as she grows is astounding, wise enough to know when something was wrong. Even for all her faults she was not wrong about her choices. And to her, family meant everything.

Much like Catherine de’ Medici who were both women fighting to save their family in a time where it seems all is lost. And the odds were never in their favour, having too many things that were uncontrollable and hence resulted in it.

The best was of course her time as Empress Dowager, doing her best for her son and her conflicted feelings with her daughter in law as well as grandson. Who as we know was hemophiliac.

The constant swing of her emotions between her daughter in law whom she never really liked, and later on proved right each and every single time that she was distinctly unsuitable to have been Tsarina. Sure, she may have been the favourite of the Tsar but she was not able to handle the weight of her duties.

And I liked the contrast, Minnie worked on charities, danced and entertain even when she was pregnant. Never let her children be isolated and gave a strong front. While Alexandra kept to her home, her children kept away from the world.

This simply took me from the beginning and refused to let me go no matter the time. Regardless of when, I was incredibly surprised as how much I spent on each page slowly reading through combing for each and every detail.

Again, if you liked historical fiction and the Romanovs then this is something you should pick up. A story that begins and has an end, without ever seeking fabricated.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5


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