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The Beautiful Ones

If anything, I was surprised by the book. This had simply caught me with characters that were rather generic but worked rather well.

And I think the star had been Valerie. She was the villain of the story but she managed to make me pity her before realising that I hated her. Because of her actions, she chose to take revenge simply because a guy decided he no longer loves her even when she was the one who abandoned him.

Yes, she was pushed to accept her current husband. But I was angry at her actions, she chose to cause pain because she suffered it. She wanted Nina to go through the same as she did, just because the girl had better luck and a more supportive relative.

I realised that she was what kept me on reading the book. Otherwise Nina and Hector’s love story will have lost all of its charm, and become like many others. But Valerie managed to make it outstanding because of her actions and antics. Even choosing to bribe, goad and eventually try to kill Hector. A little insane, but for Valerie it makes sense.

I guess the real thing that kept me interested is how Valerie wanted to tear them apart. And why she did it. It wasn’t out of pure jealousy but also envy beucaee Antonina will get what she never could have. True love. And Hector was the very same person who once loved her, and returned to do the same. Except that he stops and apologizes for his own actions to Nina.

And I think what made it even better was that the relationship took time. Nina didn’t just believe that she loved him their conversations were nice and I was convinced that Hector did make amends after doing something unforgivable.

Overall, I just really enjoyed this book rather than finding it particularly intriguing. And it’s been the first for a long while which I have immensely enjoyed reading.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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