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The Masterpiece

By all means this was far better than her previous. Set in the late roaring twenties and the early depression and the 1970s, this was a book which talked a lot about art. But mostly about what it is like to be a woman during that time.

Clara is the shining example of the story. She is the artist, she suffers for her work because she is a woman. And how she chose to survive, to persevere. And when she loses her way, it is something akin to a personal journey rather than anything else. And that she makes mistakes, and is faced by situations that are wholly out of her control.

But her struggle to be recognized as an artist always is. And was extremely entertaining to see. As well as her later life given how she chose to give up painting and move onto teaching art in hopes of nurturing more girls like her.

Virginia’s side of it is less so. About her issues as well as her daughter. I didn’t really like it nearly as much but I understood her points and why she chose her way at the end of the day. It didn’t really grab my attention as much as Clara. Although her purpose was more than just a helper, she was Clara’s inspiration later and helped to solve some of the biggest issue.

And the way that the ending was, I was surprised at the choices and eventually how they managed to solve it all and tie it up nearly. With the ending being about three women who found one another and leaving romances pretty much on the outside.

Not that I can complain. Overall, I enjoyed how this story was a tale of three women who found each other and sisterhood instead of love.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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