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In The Presence Of Evil

I just couldn’t even guess what this story had in mind. Set in the time of a mad king, but it doesn’t really know or guess what it intends to do.

The story is about Christine who wishes to become a scribe. And she does without taking any real risks and at the same time feels rather pointless. She isn’t invested in the least and nothing happens to her.

And as such, what will gain from exposing the situation with the Mad King. Nothing really. What will she lose? Nothing much.

And as such, why is she the main character? No idea.

This could have focused on Isabeau of Bavaria and nothing will really change. This could have been about Alix de Clairy and nothing will have changed. Even as I’m wondering what was the point to Christine. She is the total stranger to this case with nothing really keeping there or pushing her forward.

As such, I find it incredibly difficult to really believe any of them in the first place. There isn’t any conviction, hence the story loses all interest no matter how well researched the story is in the first place.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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