2 stars · Alternate History · Books · Fantasy · Reviews · Young Adult

Smoke And Iron

This was difficult to buy into. The story starts to branch out but I feel that it is not well thought out. None of the perspectives adds anything to resolve the issue, or even getting them anywhere in the rebellion against the Great Library.

Most of it is just then being in captivity and their situations, but little else and nothing in terms of progression. The first book by this point was the only thing that was solid in the series. And really, a long series needs to have an end goal but also a sense of progression. And this doesn’t have that. This doesn’t grow into it, even though book two and three still had potential but by the time it is book four this just stopped getting anywhere.

And since it has way too many perspectives for its own good, thus becomes this situation where there is no sense of anything happening at all. Everything is just a repeat of another with different names.

If anything, the story started well but came crashing down after book three. And well, this is the most I can take.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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