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An Ember In The Ashes: On Hindsight

This is by far a series that largely I felt was just too over hyped and of course lacking in the quality that will have made it stand out.

Again it is the problem of the character. I don’t remember a thing about Laia or Elias, other than one’s a slave and the other a warrior. Which is quite quite bad if that’s their defining traits.

It does gets worse in the later books, and by book three it seemed to have lost whatever that was going for it. Helene is by far the most complex character there, since Laia made out with whoever was around and Elias is just perfect, end of the story. As for Keenan, he’s just the guy who appears at random moments.

By book three, Helene as the blood shrike she simply is called that throughout the entire book. While Marcus is reduced to simply being a madman who wants to rule the world.

And one of the best villains which was Elias’s mother becomes nothing more than another evil woman who wants to crush the world. Without even delving into what made her who she is in the first place.

It just failed to tell a story with compelling characters while trying to be dark and edgy when it’s not. The Conqueror’s Saga is a fantastic piece of work when it comes to character, the Poppy War doesn’t even fall that far behind. The story should make me think, especially with one trying to be deep and dark. It should simply present a point of view, and tell a story.

After three books I have no idea what it even wants to do. I’m not kidding, given that the story seemed to be heading anywhere that Laia goes to. Introducing plot lines that don’t tie themselves together or raise the stakes. It doesn’t provide any growth to their characters in the long term. It is simply a series of events meant to fill the pages.

Which is disappointing in every sense of the word. As it is a story with potential but failed to utilize it.


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