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Akame Ga Kill

If anything, I did like the series. Even if there are really really unavoidable holes that I see in the show.

It is a work which functions well as a guilty pleasure and entertaining. But on deeper thought, I realise that there is a lot of things lacking.

The show could have done better without the characters constantly talking when they were fighting. And the screaming was incredibly annoying. It hampered the weight of the fights, and just made it hard for me to really take them seriously.

As for the comedy, some of it is nice if they are placed in the wrong time. When has it been a good idea to include jokes when someone has just died, that is incredibly insensitive and in this show it ruined the atmosphere.

And despite trying to be incredibly dark, the show fails it’s villains. Apart from Esdeath, most of them are incredibly one dimensional. The evil minister, he just happens to be evil. The Emperor who listens to him foolishly because he happens to be a child Emperor. Although really the gap in logic as to why there is not a regent running this at all. It will have made a lot of sense for one to have been around because this is exactly what happens if a child is ruling.

As for the fights, one thing that really bothered me was how contrived the plot was. The fights often end not because of strategy, or anything that seems plausible. But because of the weapons and secret techniques. It isn’t real battle where it depends on skill as well as technique. And quite often, everything else is useless until that one thing has been finished.

As for the character development, it was nice to see them act cool. Upon hindsight it was really difficult for me to know who they are. The deaths are sad but not the kind where it tears a piece of my heart out with it. And some of them are merely shocking and nothing more. The characters do not have real motivations, I have never felt convicted that Tatsumi wanted to do the right thing. The same can be said for the rest of the cast. They are stereotypes but don’t do any more than break from that. The most interesting character had been Chelsea, mostly because she had been so different from the norm as well as understandable.

And at its worst, which is Seryu Ubiquitous, who is for lack of better word, psycho. So utterly so that I’m disgusted by her behavior and the reason is that they killed her father, and master. Which is not all that convincing and there was not a moment where they questioned just why was she so brutal. She just is.

And the ending was absolute tragedy that made no sense. Why did all the people have to die. Even as I know that loss is inevitable this just seems kind of pointless. And the deaths were often meaningless with them merely talking about their core motives without any nuance or subtlety.

And so, this was something which I found I couldn’t stop and coupled with plenty of free time I just watched it. But there are rather glaring holes in it and if the execution has been better and the character writing more in depth, I will have enjoyed the story more. But it did have potential so I give it that.


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