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Catwoman: Soul Stealer

If anything, this was just as uninspiring.

Selina was incredibly difficult for me to like as character. She didn’t have many many ties in the story and didn’t have anything that made her stand out.

And although I should be expected to know about the story. The character was not even compelling me to read the story. I was confused as to what was happening here in the first place.

The story was cluttered with characters and having no clear focus anywhere. Or even an idea as to who the main villain is. The scenes didn’t really show anything interesting or even a clear idea as to what the plot is.

The story failed to grip me. I understood Wonder Woman just by reading the book. Here do I know anything about her, no do I get an idea, no.

It was just too cluttered, Harley Quinn, The Joker. I only have a mild interest in comics and well I can’t read it without having any idea what is happening.

Overall, I’m just wondering why am I putting myself through the misery of book after book and never getting stimulated.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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