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The importance of conflict

Without conflict, I can say there will be no story. Conflict raises all the stakes, is the one which keeps me hooked, excited and curious just where to see it.

It is what keeps people reading, as I don’t want to know every detail of the character’s life before they start. What I do want to know is whether the story will happen and what they use the characters, the settings for me. The exploration of the themes, the elements used to make them.

And that always mean some sort of conflict is not only preferable but necessary. And as a beta, I have read a story where conflict is almost nowhere to be found. And that is what makes a story boring as I read longer on and on, hence why I realised that conflict is very important.

Conflict is what show characters, their motivations, what makes them tick. If they are in very very comfortable lives and situations then why will they go out of it. Hence, conflict is central to kick starting a story.

What are some of the ways to create this conflict?

#1 Getting the main character out of their comfort zone

Forcing them out of their comfort zone by trying to get them to face some sort of consequences as a result of their actions. And force them to do so continuously through the plot.

#2 Explore their backgrounds

In most cases, a character should have some form of background behind them. It doesn’t need to very developed or well explored, but it does need to exist and should always have a very important part to play in the story.

#3 Have them make choices

And make it hard, as much as possible to have them choose between two difficult options. Choose their options while knowing that they can’t ever think of turning back and have it have consequences. This makes me interested the most as it makes me wonder what will they choose, how will they choose.

And what will be the effect. Which is far interesting than say have everything seem clear cut and easy. It doesn’t make the story interesting, it just makes it feel like wish fulfilling fantasy.

What are your views on creating conflict? Leave them in the comments below?


5 thoughts on “The importance of conflict

  1. Basically, if a story has no conflict, then the writer really doesn’t have a story. You don’t always need to have a human atagonist, but something needs to stop the main character from reaching their goal. For me, most of human nature is about having conflicts. During our lives, we face conflicts when it comes to getting into the school we want, getting the job we want, saving money, etc. So, you need conflict in a story.

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    1. That’s something that I agree completely, and that conflict is what keeps the story interesting. Conflict complicates a situation, makes things even more difficult for the main characters to solve. Although I primarily prefer human antagonists but it is the idea of something clashing with another and also denying the main characters the one thing they like. It doesn’t even need to be through an antagonists but by their own choices because it doesn’t agree with their beliefs at the end of the day.

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