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The Summer Wives

If anything the premise was lying. The story should have been about a woman who came back to the same place that she was abused as a child to do justice to herself.

It wasn’t. I got a bunch of POVs narrating a story that barely made any sense to me. And apart from the main character’s POV having almost nothing interesting. The rest barely fared better.

The story was focused on telling me things that didn’t really get my interest. Or even make sense for most of the book. Or even seem to have any understanding just what was happening.

The plot just failed at making the story good in the first place. I wanted something that showed just what Miranda went through and her resolve to find it. This didn’t even had much of any pages dedicated to such a thing. I wanted to know just what she will do in the book.

And nothing here really suggested it. She was married on some level, but it has almost no effect on the story at the end of the day.

In all ends, I was expecting it to focus upon the right thing. And here I simply didn’t get any of it.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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