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The Family Tabor

If anything, I was hoping for more. But the story began and ended in a way that was interesting. And of all the characters I liked a lot of them.

One of the things that simply kept me wanting more had been the more intricate relationship between each characters. Such as Phoebe and her sister. Simon and his wife.

Especially the latter due to religion. The divide between Christianity and Judaism. How their marriage eventually signaled it’s own failures due to the lack of communication. It was effective in showing, but I simply wanted more dialogue.

More confrontations that make each character take on their darkest side and the things that keep them from growing. That keep them from being themselves and succeeding.

Families in many ways always have problems. That is reflective of reality. But I feel as though this didn’t handle them well. It didn’t show the characters working through it, it barely had anything about them as a family.

How each dynamic plays off the other and adds something new to each character. It doesn’t do that. It’s great at showing introspective situations, but after a while, I’m exhausted. I want to see them do something.

And the only time a character truly does something that gives growth is the epilogue. I am invested in how the family has came, and the cracks between the lines. But it never really was focused in the way that I wanted it to be.

Overall, it was pretty enjoyable but still underwhelming.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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