2 stars · Books · Historical · Reviews

Dark Rhapsody

Not what I expected and doesn’t even make it all that interesting. The story just spent over two hundred pages talking about characters which I didn’t like nor did I really care about.

Despite being all about a violin there is very very little concerning it formally. Or even anything that gave it life.

The characters were all incredibly flat, and didn’t show any good solid motivations as to what they wanted. Neither did they seem to truly want anything.

Dark Rhapsody was like a family heirloom of sorts. And there was nothing fascinating about it. Nothing even remotely intriguing. No dark history, nothing that actually concerned the main character.

And if the story can’t even get the main character convinced to look for whatever the plot is. What is the point of the story? Pretty much nothing really important.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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