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Mob Psycho 100

If anything, this was rather clever and fun at how it managed to include most of the tropes and then differ from them that makes the characters memorable and at the same time familiar.

This managed to set a story in a middle and yet doesn’t feel that it is incredibly childish or formulaic with the ways things are handled. Characters are not thrown out and simply forgotten, they often serve some sort of purpose. And to my surprise some of them effect one another even without me guessing it.

And mostly was how they the fights weren’t as simple as merely hating one another or because they defeated each other. And the finale was one of the most unexpected but incredibly intelligent ones.

When propele fight, they are often stooping down to their level. And they are often people who can’t move past the fact that they have been wronged and that it is time to let go. And this is the very philosophy Mob learns from his Master, Reigen. A self-proclaimed psychic without any power. And well, you can figure out who did the real fighting (talking) in the show.

This series managed to take common, normal tropes and turn it on its tail. Ritsu is the perfect sibling, but happens to suffer from issues when compared to his weird elder brother and thinks that without psychic powers he is worthless. And then, of course the rival, who grows up from trying to be seen as the top by Mob and becomes a very important ally and different from him.

I am particularly impressed by how Reigen is, mostly because of how much of an idiot he looks and yet he is there for the story. And also masters the art of bluffing in every sense of the word, I was convinced and at the same time pleasantly surprised by how his character was so important to Mob. Not because Mob was an idiot but because he is wise and mature.

Overall, this is an incredibly clever work which just makes me curious about his other, One Punch Man. And well, if you’re looking for a easy, light but still thought provoking work, well this is it.


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