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December: Upgrades

And this month is the first month which I made the upgrade to a premium plan. On some cases I didn’t know what I was thinking.

But it is a step in a good direction. I may decide to spread out a little more in hopes of doing more. There are benefits that come with a premium plan as much as there isn’t. And I do intend to update the style once I have more of a chance to.

And this month is where I’ll be beta reading and doing more experimental posts. Which will lead to what I will be doing next year. Which may change a little more as I’m moving past a lot of books. I’ll still book blog but I’ll be doing more than that. Maybe I’ll analyse more over the years. Or I’ll include more personal reflection posts.

Or I’ll start including what I’m doing in music which happened to be a companion to my writing. With few exceptions. And what I’m truly getting up to these days.

But this month is more of a chance for me to develop my personal brand and the direction I want to take my blog fully in. And whether I’ll take the name and domain name more literally.

Overall, nothing is truly certain yet. But I’m keeping my options open as of now.


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