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Jar of Hearts

This was disappointing in a sense that I simply didn’t know just what it was trying to do. Whether it had been to talk about an inmate and how she could have possibly killed someone.

But the premise promised something that it didn’t deliver. A mystery that Geo will need to crack. There was almost none of that here. There was almost nothing that really came through like the description.

It was a recount of her life and how it eventually went to something. Without any real link to Angela Wong. I can’t even remember her save for the epilogue which just baffles me overall.

The plot should have been about her. The main mystery of how she died. It wasn’t. It was about Geo, her life in prison which didn’t even have all that much of a correlation to the story. And then eventually something happened. But it never did.

The pacing for the book has no better word than atrocious. It has absolutely no idea just where it wants to head. Or even where it needs to do so.

Or even how to build proper suspense that kept me turning the pages. I didn’t know enough about Geo to know what her life was. I didn’t know enough about any of the characters to really understand and get close to them.

It was just unable to make the story seem little more than words on the paper.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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